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For the die-hard Pohoda fans, we have crafted a special limited edition of 500 Pohoda Forever tickets, offering infinite entry to the festival along with a host of extra perks.

15. December 2023

Infinite Entry to Pohoda
With this ticket, you can enjoy admission to the festival forever.

Pohoda Forever Inheritance
The ticket can be “inherited” at no cost.

Pohoda Forever Transfer 
It is possible to transfer the Pohoda Forever ticket to someone else via the Pohoda Festival agency for a handling fee of €99.

Pohoda Forever Welcome Package
Your ticket comes with a welcome package containing an everlasting Pohoda Forever stainless steel card with a unique design and code, along with a Pohoda Forever certificate detailing the benefits, owner’s name, and a corresponding unique code.

Festival Wristband in Advance
Receive your festival wristband and a special gift at least 14 days before the festival.

Fast Track Festival Entry
Gain admission through a dedicated corridor, ensuring a swift entrance to the festival site.

48-Hour Priority Purchase of P1 and Caravan Parking
As a Pohoda Forever holder, enjoy priority booking for P1 and Caravan Parking using your unique Pohoda Forever code.

Forever 20% Discount on the online purchase of Festival Merchandise
Enjoy an infinite 20% discount on any merchandise in our eshop. The discount will be valid forever; the unique Pohoda Forever code will be used to apply this discount.


Special Price for the 2024 Edition Ticket Holders:

For those who have already placed their trust in the festival and secured a 2024 ticket, we've got you covered. 
When you buy the Pohoda Forever ticket and enter the barcode number from your 2024 ticket purchased before December 15, 2023, the price of this ticket will be deducted from the total. For those with paper tickets not generated by the ticketing company, we recommend using an app (scanner) to convert the barcode into numerical form. This code will subtract the price of your 2024 ticket from the Pohoda Forever price. The great news is that your original 2024 ticket remains valid even post-Pohoda Forever deduction—feel free to give it away as a gift :).

Order this special ticket before midnight on December 20, and we will deliver it to you anywhere in Slovakia before Christmas.

Enjoy Pohoda Forever and all the fantastic benefits with this exclusive, everlasting festival ticket. We can't wait to see you at Pohoda 2024 - ∞




What does having infinite entry to Pohoda mean?
When you buy the Pohoda Forever ticket, you're securing a lifetime ticket to Pohoda – no need to worry about purchasing another festival ticket ever again.

What if I am no longer able to attend Pohoda in the future?
The Pohoda Forever ticket can be transferred to another person who will receive a new card and certificate. The transfer can be done by sending an email to A fee of 99€ will apply. The new owner gets a fresh card and certificate with a new code, while the original code gets deactivated.

What if someone offers or sells me the Pohoda Forever card and certificate?
Please note that many benefits are linked to the original holder's address and phone number, including the mailing of the festival wristband. Any changes should be made with the knowledge, approval, verification, and authentication of the Pohoda agency. Otherwise, we cannot guarantee that you are purchasing a genuine Pohoda Forever ticket with a valid code.

Is the Pohoda Forever ticket inheritable?
Absolutely, the Pohoda Forever ticket can be inherited. The necessary formalities for transfer can be arranged via email at The transfer to the heir will be free of charge.

What if I can't make it to Pohoda in a specific year?
You can gift your entry to someone else for that year's edition. Pohoda Forever holders get their festival wristband ahead of time that they can pass on – but without the benefits that come with owning a limited edition Pohoda Forever card and certificate.

Does the Pohoda Forever card act as a ticket for the festival? 
No, the Pohoda Forever card contains a special code that you can use to get discounts or to identify yourself on our website as part of other benefits. We will send you a ticket/festival wristband for that year with your gift each year.

How do I redeem the infinite 20% discount on festival merchandise? 
When you place an order in our eshop, enter your Pohoda Forever code in the 'Pohoda Forever Code' box and 20% will be deducted from the price of the merch. This feature will be available in our shop from December 18, 2023. Please note that discounts will not be applied at the merch shop directly on site at the festival.

Is there a limit to how much merch I can buy?
No, you can buy as much as you want.

What if I've already purchased a ticket for Pohoda 2024 and now I'm interested in getting the Pohoda Forever?
When you buy the Pohoda Forever ticket and enter the barcode number from your 2024 ticket purchased before December 15, 2023,  the price of this ticket will be deducted from the Pohoda Forever ticket. For those with paper tickets (like those bought at the festival) not generated by the ticketing company, we recommend using an app (scanner) to convert the barcode into numerical form. The barcode number can only be used once for deduction and is applicable across all ticket types – 3-Day ticket, Junior, Kids, Baby, PwD, and PwD-C. Please note that in the case of a PwD-C ticket, the person accompanying the disabled person – who is the holder of the Pohoda Forever ticket – is not guaranteed entry to the festival and must purchase their own ticket. 

What will the fast-track entry to the festival look like?
The Pohoda Forever holders can utilise the family and wheelchair corridor. We will not create a new special corridor as the current one has enough capacity.

How will you deliver my festival wristband?
We will send it to the address you provide on the form when you order your Pohoda Forever ticket.

What happens if I leave my wristband at home?
The festival wristband will be linked to the name of the Pohoda Forever holder. If you forget it, we'll deactivate it and provide you with a new one at the entrance.

What if I lose my Pohoda Forever card or certificate, or if it gets stolen?
Reach out to us at, and we'll verify the situation, deactivate the original card and certificate, and send you a new Pohoda Forever with a freshly generated code.

For any additional questions, feel free to contact us at