Airport Trenčín 11 — 13 July 2024
Pohoda festival 2019 is sold out, thank you

Pohoda festival 2019 is sold out, thank you

A week before the opening of the gates of the 23rd Pohoda, the limited capacity of our festival had been reached. Tickets for Pohoda can no longer be bought on our website, nor at our official re-sellers and they will not be available for purchase at the gates. Still available are the last 100 places in our Tent Inn hotel and about 500 parking lots in the P4 sector, as well as special transportation tickets for the festival. Thank you for your enormous interest and we look forward to welcoming you at Pohoda 2019 in just a week.

04. July 2019

"We are excited and thankful, Pohoda is sold out for the second year in a row. We can't wait to meet all these beautiful people who will bring sense to the work we do at the moment, as changing the previously military airport to space for celebrating freedom and tolerance. We have the best audience on the planet and we do our best to prepare great time for all Pohoda people. Thanks for the trust and thanks for the best atmosphere in the world, see you very soon in Trencin.” said Michal Kaščák. 

Green travelling to Pohoda

The last parking lots also sell fast. However, Pohoda is also easily accessible by other forms of transport. Travelling by train, bus, bicycle or shared ride through the #spolunapohodu (#togethertopohoda) community saves the environment, money, and time for parking and offers a lot of fun with many fellow travellers. The last four seats are available in our shop for Pohoda suburban transport, as well as seats in special trains, buses operated by Slovak lines, and buses running from the Trnava self-governing region.

Beware of scammers

Please note that buying tickets to Pohoda from secondary ticketing companies is not recommended, as none of them is our partner (e.g. Viagogo). Also, buying from people whom you can’t fully trust is not recommended. They often sell fake or stolen tickets that are blocked and you will not be allowed to enter the festival grounds with such tickets. The tickets are protected against counterfeiting by a number of security features that are not visible with a naked eye. Ticket barcodes will be scanned by readers at the entrance. Only one person per one barcode will be allowed to enter the festival grounds. Fake tickets will not be accepted, and the visitor is responsible for the damage incurred. The idea of saving some money can so turn into a big loss and disappointment, while no tickets will be sold at the gates.