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Pohoda Day_FM programme
Bukahara (DE), Noisecut and Nora Ibsenová, Katarzia and Pjoni, Puding Pani Elvisovej, The Wilderness, Funny Fellows, DŌMU (DE), dné (CZ) and Jimmy Pé will perform this Wednesday, 16th May, at Pohoda Deň_FM. There will be a rich, all-day programme in the two concert studios, the foyer, and the corridors of the Slovak Radio. We will premiere the documentary Pohoda 2017; there will be the popular programme for lovers of literature Čau o piatej (Štrpka and Štrasser), you will be able to dance with the Morongas in the foyer, enjoy the tricks of the magician Talostan, play a table football match against us, and learn more news of the 22nd edition of Pohoda during the official press conference.

14. May 2018 Pohoda Day_FM programme

The top musicians of the band Bukahara mix gypsy jazz, swing, and reggae with Balkan and Arab influences. In the digital era of today, they produce exclusively analogue music that most closely resembles the work of bands such as Beirut or Mumford and Sons. The portal Quantara wrote about them in the conclusion of their article named Global Buskers: “And a Bukahara concert? That means, quite simply, an evening of pure pleasure.” Bukahara, the new sensation of the German scene, will perform at this yearʼs Pohoda and at Pohoda Deň_FM as well. 

Juraj Kušnierik wrote about the band Noisecut alraady in 2018: “Skilfully mixed rhythms and sounds brightened up by electric and acoustic guitars and above that all, there is an appealing singer with a slightly dazed, original, strong voice... They do normal, listenable songs.” In that year, they conquered the very first Radio Head_Awards. Their performance with singer Nora Ibsenová was also one of the most powerful moments of the 10th annual awarding ceremony. The cooperation of Katarzia and Pjoni (Jonatan Pastirčák) is yet another promise of a strong concert experience. We were captivated by their original blend of indie folk and electronic music already at the Concert for Ján and Martina in Nitra. They both are also the winners of Radio Head_Awards, Katarzia for the single “Kde sa slzy berú” and Pjoni for the eponymous EP of the duo Pjoni & Ink Midget. Pjoni has recently attracted foreign music professionals in a listening session at the Sharpe showcase festival.

The work of the band Puding Pani Elvisovej offers a particular response to britpop, the so-called moherpop, where they experiment with elements of electronic dance music. In 2015, they released the latest album Tektonika. At Pohoda Deň_FM, you can witness again why they have 3 “radioheads” for the best concert band. Headbanger_FM introduced The Wilderness with these words last year: “Dáša Fon Fľaša speaks of them as of the best Slovak punk, Shooty thinks they recorded the Slovak version of Nevermind, and Sveťo Korbeľ said they were his most favourite Slovak band.”   Denis Bango is a genius and a guitar destroyer who built the programme of the Garáž stage. The next performer is the band Funny Fellows, which is a certified pick-me-up and a complement to the atmosphere of our festival mornings. We will also have the Leipzig band DŌMU that is a joint audio-visual project of the sci-fi rock band Warm Graves, Bells Echo Collective, and the co-organizer of the Fusion Festival. Visitors of Pohoda Deň_FM will also see dné, which is the pseudonym of Ondrej Holý. Ondrej revives his songs with everyday sounds. He can do with only piano, applause, or string parts. According to the magazine Fullmoon, dné became a “patron of all who are looking for a way out of the crisis.”

In addition to the concerts and the press conference on the news of Pohoda 2018, the foyer of the Slovak Radio building will host the Pohoda Shop again this year. From 8:00 am, it will be selling 89 tickets for the festival at a reduced price of €89. At the same time, on this day, you will be able to pick up orders stored for personal collection in Svätý Jur. Visitors will also be invited to a match in a table-football tournament and the winners will receive their tickets to Pohoda. The amusement for the little ones as well as adults will be offered by the award-winning magician Talostan (The most humorous magic show of Kremnické gagy and the first place in micromagic in the Czech Republic) as well as the iHRYsko playground, where you will find various round games. Those who cannot come to Bratislava will be able to enjoy the atmosphere of Pohoda Deň_FM all day through broadcasting of Rádio_FM.