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Pohoda Day_FM on May 14, 2019
Bolo nás jedenásť, Ventolin, the British bands Life and Penelope Isles, Austrian Cari Cari, Israeli producer Noga Erez, Gleb, Čavalenky and Raptor Koch will perform at Pohoda Day_FM on Tuesday, May 14. A rich, all-day programme will be offered in the two concert studios, the foyer, and the corridors of the Slovak Radio. We will premiere the film 22 – a documentary about Pohoda 2018, literature lovers will enjoy the popular programme Čau o piatej, you will be able play table football in the foyer for a chance to win festival tickets, and also learn new names and other novelties of the 23rd edition of Pohoda during the official press conference.

13. May 2019 Pohoda Day_FM on May 14, 2019

Bolo nás jedenásť

Even though Lasica and Satinský are considered to be theatrical performers, they managed to record, according to many people, the best album of our history thanks to their collaboration with the brilliant Jaro Filip – Bolo nás jedenásť. The album had its first ever live premiere at Pohoda 2017, and since then it has been performed in the L+S studio at always sold out shows. After one of them, Milan Lasica had a slip of the tongue, when before delivering the encore with the song "My", he announced that more encores would be at Pohoda. Before that, the super group consisting of Milan Lasica, Dorota Nvotová, Martin Valihora, Marek Minrik, Dano Salontay, Michal Žáček, Andrej Jarolín, Braňo Jobus, Martin Višňovský, Juraj Podmanický, Lasky, Juraj Benetin, Milan Adamec, Slavo Solovic, Peter Kaščák and Michal Kaščák will perform on May 14 in studio no. 1 of the Slovak Radio.


The building of the Slovak Radio will also host the indie-punk band LIFE. In June 2017, they self-released their debut, Popular Music, which BBC 1 included in the selection of the best albums of the year. According to Kerrang! magazine, the album "stokes the fires of change", and the German Musikexpress jokes that "if there’s something good about Brexit, it's just a new punk wave in England." The band recently released a video for the song "Moral Fiber", which is a single to their second LP. The website When The Horn Blows called it 97 seconds of pure punk-pop fury.

Noga Erez

Noga Erez is a phenomenon that will hypnotize you the moment she walks on stage. The Tel Aviv’s rapper, singer and experimental electronic music producer released her debut Off The Radar, which was praised in great reviews by the magazines such as Clash, The Skinny, The 405, Paste and The Guardian, only last year. It paved her way to Primavera, Pitchfork Paris, Roskilde, MELT!, SXSW and many other festivals. After these achievements, Israeli Forbes included her in the "30 under 30" list of the most influential people under 30 years old.

Penelope Isles

“When Penelope Isles started playing at the London IFF conference which presents promising artists from big agencies, I wanted to leave after the first song. However, I liked the second, loved the third one, and after their fourth piece I knew that we wanted to have this band at Pohoda. It was like the spirit of Pixies was floating above Brighton and visited this special party of musicians, creating the unique music that the longer you listen to, the more treasures you find in,” said Michal Kaščák about Brigton’s band Penelope Isles. According to DIY, their music is a “lo-fi trip punctuated by beautiful vocal harmonies.” Line of Best Fit described their songs “like your favourite sweets with shards of broken glass embedded in them, the potential of which is just screaming out for attention.” 

Cari Cari

We saw Cari Cari at PIN festival in Skopje in Macedonia and we were all enraptured. Fantastic music and great stage show, it’s practically impossible to forget the guitarist’s dances moves. Radio FM4 put their song "Summer Sun" on the third place of the best records of 2018. Volume compares them to The XX or The Kills, and Rolling Stone called them the greatest discovery of last year's Primavera. The band consists of singer and drummer Stephanie Widmer and guitarist Alexander Köck, and performs alternately in London, Hamburg and Melbourne. That’s where the singer got the idea to incorporate didgeridoo and jaw harp into their songs. They debuted with the EP titled AMERIPPINDUNKLER. Songs from this EP appeared in TV series Shameless and The Magicians.


You’ll also get to experience a live electronic music project, one-man-box band with an extremely entertaining live show – Ventolin. Throughout the day David Doubek, aka Ventolin, lectures on cultural anthropology at Charles University, at night he entertains people at gigs. During the decade on the scene, he’s become one of the most sought-after electronic producers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. He uses old samplers, analogue synthesizers, and archaic drum machines in his performances. He is a lover of the primitive sound of the Detroit techno and the Italian and Indian 80s disco. In 2009, he released the EP mihanie, in 2012 the album Totem, in 2015 he returned with the EP Playboura and two years ago he released the album Vitajte. That is, according to, a meticulous musical retro full of electronic toys with topical texts, which also contain quite a bit of philosophy. At the same time, it’s undoubtedly an extraordinarily entertaining record, which is being played in the Pohoda office more and more often.


After releasing the performance of the young Bratislava MC Gleb, our Instagram almost crashed down. Gleb raps fast rhymes into genres such as glitch hop, grime, trap and D&B. After several mixtapes and EP, he debuted with Lavička Pimpin in 2017. He prefers tougher, faster, and dirtier background music inspired mostly by the British scene. Recently he released singles "Audiokniha", "Motorest" and "Gauč Storytelling", which will also appear on the upcoming second album.


Pohoda Day_FM will also host rapper Rudo Danihel, aka Čavalenky, from the Czech-Slovak border region. This phenomenon makes you believe every word he says, not pretending anything; everything is based on true events. Add an original expression, great flow, and excellent background music. The half-Roma artist uses the Záhorie dialect in his work, talking about rough street life, racism, gambling, drugs, indebtedness, and subsequent executions.

Raptor Koch

Professionals perceives the Humenné musician Stano Sninský from Jasenov, performing under the pseudonym Raptor Koch, as the best Frank Zappa living east of Branisko. His concert with the band had its premiere in Groningen, Netherlands, where he, Vojdi and The Wilderness performed at the alternative Pinguin Radio Showcase festival. Where others grind edges, Raptor Koch adds colour and takes you to the unknown and new places. Songs like Veľký pán slon, Džvir, raptor má spíčky, or Baba Jara will also entertain the brave early risers in Rádio_FM’s morning show.

In addition to concerts and press conference about the Pohoda 2018 news, we will also bring Pohoda Shop to the foyer of the Slovak Radio building. From 8 a.m. we will start selling 89 three-day tickets at a reduced price of 89 €. At the same time, you will be able to pick up orders stored in Svätý Jur. We will also challenge the visitors to a table-football tournament. The winners will walk away with Pohoda tickets. Further playful activities will be offered by the iHRYsko playground, which features various board games. Those who cannot make it to Bratislava will be able to enjoy the atmosphere of Pohoda Day_FM all day through broadcasting of Rádio_FM.