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Pohoda Day_FM already this Friday, May 15
Ultrazvuk, Čavalenky, Luvver, Isama Zing, Blanch, and Fvck Kvlt will perform this Friday, May 15, as part of Pohoda Day_FM. In addition to the concerts, the festival representatives will announce more reconfirmed names of the rescheduled 24th edition of Pohoda and the winners of the Pohoda Visual Art Contest. They will also reveal the first information about the Pohoda in the Air festival. The Slovak-Hungarian band Drť will present their debut album and release their first music video; and the Báseň 2020 (Poem 2020) contest will be announced. Director Lucia Kašová will talk about the documentary Orchestra from the Land of Silence (Orchester z krajiny ticha) of the Pohoda production about the first Afghan women's orchestra Zohra. The festival representatives will present a new ecological initiative of the greenest European festivals, the Green European Experience. In the afternoon, the current situation will be discussed by epidemiologists, and in the early evening on the Baláž & Hubinák show, people from behind the scenes of culture will discuss the topic of Culture in the (bad) times of the coronavirus.

13. May 2020 Pohoda Day_FM already this Friday, May 15


Vec and Tono S. - two masters of their craft put their heads and styles together to create quality tracks full of wordplays and original humor for their hip-hop fans. Ultrazvuk offers a precise defectoscopy of our society, something we are accustomed to with both of these gentlemen. Last year Ultrazvuk released an album called as well Ultrazvuk, on which you could find songs like the fresh summer hit Teleport, a thankful and chilling statement as a commemoration of November 17th '89 called Tváre slobody (Faces of Freedom) and a very unusual pseudo-Christmas act called Čo urobíš? (What will you do?). The album won the debut of the year category on the current "Radio Heads".


Pohoda Day_FM will feature rapper Rudolf Danihel, aka Čavalenky, from the Czechia-Slovakia border region. This phenomenon makes you believe every word he says, not pretending anything: everything is based on real grounds. Add an original expression, great flow, and excellent background. The half-Roma artist uses the Záhorie dialect in his work, talking about rough street life, racism, gambling, drugs, indebtedness, and subsequent seizures. 


The Nitra post-indie band LUVVER combines a dreamy and melancholic atmosphere with uplifting harmonic soundscapes, intertwined with four-to-the-floor downbeats and powerful vocal melodies. They were nominated in the Newcomer of the Year category and won the Advance Investments Foundation award (grant for music production) at recent Radio_Head Awards 2018.

Isama Zing

In his own words, Isama Zing deconstructs the composition of dance styles of underground subcultures, which penetrate the scenes of the main cities, defined by independent labels, cloud servers and contemporary art. This project by Jonathan Pastirčák is a reflection of the diversity of interconnected genres of contemporary electronic music, a collection of everyday motifs that is organically divided and reconnected into an intelligent dance ensemble.

Fvck Kvlt

Fvck Kvlt is a new rap project of Denis Bang, the singer of the band The Wilderness. Late last year, he debuted with KVLT Teachings, and Renat Khallo described it for“Denis's trap debut entitled Kvlt Teachings sounds like a slap in the face of a polished, clean, and fragrant scene. The dark, decadent, and sometimes emo moods of the album will guide you through the map of its sidewalks, among the shabby buildings, trees in the park, and bars of Slovak Rome. They will lead you among his friends and their seemingly ruined lives with the ambition to get it moving to somewhere. It doesn't matter where to: forward, backward, to the right or left. Just somewhere...”


The four-member band Blanch is led by the singer, composer, and guitarist Bianca. Last year, together with the band Luvver, they received the Advance Investments Foundation award from the Radio_Head Awards (a grant intended for music production). The grant was obviously used well, as their debut Delusion was nominated in the Debut of the Year category at this year's Radio_Heads. The album is a collection of unconventional compositions and imaginative indie-folk sounds.

The traditional warm-up event of the Pohoda festival will be without visitors this time, but we do hope that you will enjoy it in the live broadcast of Rádio_FM.

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