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Mišo Peal is another interesting figure in the local electronic music scene to perform at Pohoda 2018. You may remember him from nowadays non-existent cult vinylshop Records. He has been included in various dance and non-dance events, has been performing in Bratislavaʼs Subclub for many years, but he is mainly a DJ. The youngest of the old ones, partly in the world of standard and dynamic banging techno, partly in new alternative spheres marked with EBM and other types of electronic music. That is why he, one of the few, appears at both classical techno evenings and at events with experimental music as well. In about 15 years of activity, he has really appeared in many places, including in the Berlinʼs Tresor. Last year, he rolled his show like a king on the Laug Techno Bau stage after the Schwefelgelb concert, so we moved him this year to the SLSP arena.

07. June 2018 Peal