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Nvmeri at Pohoda 2018
Only two names from the Slovak scene received two criticsʼ awards in Radio Head_Awards: Jana Kirschner and Nvmeri. Nvmeri previously won this award in the same formation as now (Pišta Královič, Palo Javorník and Miro Tuchyňa) under the name “The Uniques”; they received the second award only a few months ago at the tenth edition of the “Radio Heads” for the album I don't think so. wrote about the album: “The result is an original sound that no other Slovak bands have—the sound of world music (another cliché, but in the case of Nvmeri, it is 100% true) with a significant influence of old and current black music.” The album was premiered live and publicly release at last yearʼs Pohoda and we are delighted to be able to hear fantastic songs such as “Art Of The Trial”, “Blue Church”, “Dynamite” and “Short Of Oxygen” also at the 22nd edition of the festival.   

04. June 2018 Nvmeri at Pohoda 2018

The combination of complex, yet easy-to-listen to arrangements, sparkling synthesiser layers, psychedelic solo trips, and Pistoʼs higher pitch makes them remarkable figures on the music scene. Their first album From The Dust, which they released as “The Uniques”, earned a lot of attention, as well as the Best Alternative Album Award from the critics of the Radio_Head Awards. Their following eponymous album Nvmeri was nominated for the Best Album of 2013. Last year, they released their third album I don't think so, for which they again won the RHA Criticsʼ Award for the Album of 2017. In an interview with FM_Rádio, they confessed the inspiration by names such as Kaytranada, Metronomy, Tame Impala, and Lenny Kravitz. Pišta Kráľovič described the presentation of the album at Pohoda for portal “Playing was great. It was not easy to get ready to play pieces that we had never played before, and go to play them directly at the biggest Slovak festival. But with the help of the rain that brought many unaware passers-by in the tent, it was even better. We felt like playing in a club and intimately, which is very difficult at festivals.” Besides Slovak media, Nvmeri are also praised by Czechs media, such as Radio 1 and Fullmoon; some more positive reactions were received from The 405 and Clash.