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Modré hory
Lyrik, Bene, and Roland Kánik, one stage, and a great joy of the release of the new album “Luxus clan”: they replaced their motto “more boring than life” with “about everything and nothing rap”, but it still is the same old Lyrik, the same old Bene backed by Roland. Self-reflection instead of egotrips and interestingly arranged background music instead of generic samples: Modré hory will present their new excellent album also at Pohoda 2018.  

12. April 2018 Modré hory

At the end of 2017, the band celebrated ten years since the recording of the first demo by releasing their new album Luxus clan and are now hitting the road. A lot of jibber-jabber, beats, tones, everything. Some say rap music is for thirty-year-olds... These thirty-year-olds donʼt care, they love music, “ ʻcause when they blow into sails, it quietly glides through those worlds and inhales and exhales and you get plentiful of words.” Their colleagues boast about golden chains and cars, and Modré hory talk about 150 people at a concert and 150 euros per head. They do not take themselves seriously, but they do talk about the most serious social topics or periods in our history (thank you Wikipedia). The FM_Radio mentioned, in the programme Album of the week, many guests on their latest album: Sims, Bleubird, James P. Honey, Andy The Doorbum, Ceschi, Jared Paul, Aby Wolf. The album was mastered by Vlado Meller, an emigrated Slovak who also collaborated with Kanye West, Frank Ocean, Beastie Boys, and Pink Floyd. Idaina wrote in the introduction to the same review: “They donʼt make music because they want to be famous. They do it because they enjoy music. And so do we.”