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Medial Banana
Reggae music will be extremely strong at Pohoda 2018. In addition to the legendary Ziggy Marley and the great US reggae band SOJA, the Trenčín Airport will host also Medial Banana, a local band from Bratislava. The band already performed at Pohoda in 2015; the recording of their concert is the second most watched video ever on our YouTube channel. Their own videos have millions of views and their success lies on the bandʼs basic pillars, which are tolerance, chill, love for nature, sun, and comfort.

10. May 2018 Medial Banana

“Bananas” love, live, and play reggae music but they often enrich it with dancehall, hip-hop, jazz, funk, dub, and ska elements. The band originated in 2009. Soon, they released EP “Naturally lifted” that was followed by their debut “Uplifted”. Two songs on the album were mixed by the legendary Jamaican studio Tuff Gong that was founded by Bob Marley. The band wins their fans with funny lyrics and energetic performances. At the end of 2015, they released the album Rockinʼit and right after that they left for Jamaica where they shot the documentary Inna Jamdown about local music and life.