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Med in Café Kušnierik
Med, a famous band from Bratislava, will also play a gig in Café Kušnierik. The band was initially known mostly for their concerts in today non-existent Stoka. Bratislava is also the main theme of Med’s songs. Many musicians have gone through the band during the 21 years of its existence and non-existence. The unchanged fundamental duo is Tomáš Ďurovka and Vlado Holina. Med currently play sporadically, but with a great pomp, and their line-up consists of Tomáš Ďurovka, Vlado Holina, Vlado Slama and Matej Ruman. Back in their time, Med were famous for their excellent posters, but the band was also a frequent topic of Juraj Kušnierik, who recommended it to Pohoda several times. Now they will play on a stage where Juraj is the patron.

02. May 2019 Med in Café Kušnierik