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Matwe at Pohoda 2019
Matwe is a multi-genre man, a member of the Pohoda dramaturgical board, the organizer of Nočná in Bratislava’s Nová Cvernovka and a DJ formed by world festivals and techno events that he loves to haunt during the year. Recently, he has developed a spontaneous affiliation with the so-called "dancefloor activism" characteristic especially of the Eastern Bloc countries, an intelligent darkness with a protest-political context and a sheer decadence of the hypnotic and hammering straight beat. His Pohoda set will be full of surprises – from Berlin Atonal to Kiev's Cxema, the end of Saturday night at the CCC Club, which co-curates, will be marked by an uncompromising electronic sound.

11. June 2019 Matwe at Pohoda 2019