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Lolina at Pohoda 2019
Lolina, formerly known as Inga Copeland, is a former member of the cult witch-house-trip-hop project Hype Williams (Hyperdub, Big Dada), which she founded with Dean Blunt back in 2005, and which she left also with Blunt in 2012. They both set out in different directions to discover the radical and adventurous corners of music, often on the edge of performance and improvisation. Lolina shares very little about her identity while asking whether she has the right to be forgotten; it is by denying the personality cult that she puts more emphasis on the work itself. In her music, she works a lot with sampled fragments, which she includes in her sound collages and accompanies with her voice, reciting or singing. Her compositions gradually disintegrate and then reunite into a whole; the work with fluid rhythmic elements, which are transformed from organized chaos into polyrhythmic dance rhythms and back again, is her signature. Her music is uncompromising, hectic, and political.

11. June 2019 Lolina at Pohoda 2019