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Lola Marsh also in Slovakia during their autumn tour
The Košiceʼ Tabačka centre and Bratislavaʼs A4 club will host, this October, probably the most popular Middle East band in Slovakia, Lola Marsh. Before Pohoda 2014, barely someone knew them in our country, but already at the 20th edition of our festival, you would hardly find people who were not looking forward to their concert.

10. May 2017 Lola Marsh also in Slovakia during their autumn tour

The band was founded by singer Yael Shoshana Cohen and guitarist Gila Landau in 2013. Since then, there have been spending more time giving concerts around the world than at home. When asked which concert they loved the most, Gil and Yael answered unanimously in an interview for the French portal Rocknfool: “Pohoda Festival”. At the beginning of June, they are releasing their debut album “Remember Roses” and we are very excited that they will introduce it to fans in Slovakia at Pohoda Party this autumn.

A very pleasant-to-hear Slovak band Tolstoys will play with Lola Marsh. They won us in the Ráno on eFeMku radio programme this February with their excellent sound, the unmistakable voice of singer Ela and a tasty mix of dream pop and acoustic music. They are working on releasing their debut album this autumn and besides Pohoda Párty, you can see them next week at Pohoda Deň_FM as well as at Pohoda 2017. DJ Džbán will take care of the afterparty. Prior to the event, we will screen the document “20 years of Pohoda”. Ticketportal will start selling tickets on Friday, 12 May at 9:00 am.

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