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Lokier at Pohoda 2019
Lokier is a DJ and producer from Mexico, while the music she plays is not so characteristic of her homeland: she moves in the waters of industrial, EBM, electro, minimal wave, and related genres. This is why she moved to Europe, specifically to Berlin, where she quickly integrted and went from underground through illegal off-location parties to a klubnacht in Panorama Bar. 

11. June 2019 Lokier at Pohoda 2019

You can also see her in top clubs in Europe and the world, on the labels Mannequin Records and Pinkman records; she is influenced by Digital Tsunami and The New Brvtalism—that are simply great references. With the variety of her mixes, she sticks out from the Berlin techno crowd. Her weirdo synths, touches of goth and power electronics create a unique soundtrack on the background of heavier body music and melancholic disco that she confidently feeds to the dancefloor.