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La Femme at Pohoda 2018
A fitting ending to the French “surfing” band La Femme’s press kit says: “Catch the wave and listen!” Their music is a brief excursion to the genres of the second half of the 20th century. Their debut Psycho Tropical Berlin made it to the top of digital charts in France and was nominated in the category of Best New Artist in the 2014 French Music Awards. Brand Yves Saint Laurent used band’s song “Oh Baby Doll” in their campaign. La Femme have one goal: “To touch people, to be touched by people.” In 7 months, they will come touch visitors at Pohoda 2018.

06. December 2017 La Femme at Pohoda 2018

Imagine grandchildren of Beach Boys, Serge Gainsbourg and gentlemen of Velvet Underground or Kraftwerk driving a convertible somewhere in the Bay of Biscay area and arguing about what to play on Spotify. Thanks to band La Femme, they don’t have to. The band offers a brief overview of genres of the second half of the 20th century in the 21st century: Californian and French 60s, London 70s and Berlin 80s or a mix of genres such as surf rock, yéyé, krautrock and synth pop.

The history of La Femme was significantly influenced by their non-music-related friendship with young Americans who came to their hometown of Biarritz to participate in a surf contest. Thanks to their friends, the band made it to California, where they played 27 concerts in 3 months. This way, they became people’s fav band before the actual release of their debut. The world-wide known personalities such as Romain Gavras, Jean Michel Jarre or Hedi Slimane spread the word as well. Last autumn, they released their second album Mystère. Uncut describes the album as bold, inventive and, at times, delightfully strange. It scored 8 out of 10 points in Q Magazine, The Guardian or The Quietus reviews. According to The Guardian, this “alluring French indie pop is well worth your time.” Two months later, the same reviewer, Michael Hann, considers this album one of the year’s best. If the opinion of UK journalists from prestigious media is not enough for you, you have a chance to form your own opinion about the band at Pohoda 2018.