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Koncert pre všímavých: ABOP
ABOP is an acronym for the Croatian proverb “After party is better than the party”. This prominent Croatian electronic band loves dance music, but every beat is hand-made. Instead of patterns, two drummers, precise as a watch, beat the drums sitting opposite each other. The band is further composed of a bass guitar player, sound engineer, and two keyboard players, all of whom are also known from other top Yugoslav bands. 

10. November 2017 Koncert pre všímavých: ABOP

Legend has it that the band originated after a terrible party in 2010 that they wanted to save with at least a good afterparty. As they did not have a sound source with them, they grabbed musical instruments and, fortunately, did not let them out of their hands. We saw the “Balkan Electro Guzzi” live at the Ment festival and we do confirm the words in their press-kit: it is an intransferable experience that simply has to be seen and heard live.