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“Speaking of enthusiasm, no one artist of this year’s Great Escape hits the stage with as much energy as French rapper and dancer KillAson,” music portal The Quietus wrote in last year’s Great Escape festival report. This proved to be the case at this year’s Eurosonic as well and we saw KillASon’s dance moves at MaMA event in Paris, too. In less than five months, visitors at Pohoda 2018 will also get to see where his charm lies.

08. February 2018 KillASon

As Marcus Dossavi Gourdot mentions in one of his interviews, “I wanted to be a rapper since I was eight.” In his 20s, his dream finally came true. After debut The Rize, he released a successful diptych STW1 and STW2 (Strange The World). Besides New York Times, The Quietus or Noisey, he’s been praised as an extravagant beatmaker by French Rolling Stone. His performance is as eccentric as his talent for moves and fashion preferences. He knows his songs to the smallest details, which allows him to create a one-of-a-kind choreography. Influenced by the likes of Michael Jackson, Busta Rhymes, Outkast or Lil Wayne, he inclines to the melodic, energetic and dance form of hip-hop. Even though he performs solo, his impeccable English flow and happy moves fill the whole stage up. To give a better explanation of his music, we will use last year’s Pohoda artists: KillASon is an ideal visitor at Ho99o9, Princess Nokia and Tommy Cash birthday party.