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Ifriqiyya Electrique
Ifriqiyya Electrique bring the shamanic rituals of Saharan tribes, re-arranged and enriched by electric guitar, bass, and computer effects of the members of the band Putan Club. They already delivered a great concert at Pohoda 2014; they will have additional three Sufi singers at their next performance. Their music results in strong hypnotic trance songs that appealed also to The Guardian and The Quietus. Their debut, Rûwâhîne, ranked in the Top 50 world music albums chart of the past year. You can enjoy Ifriqiyya Electrique in early July at Pohoda.  

25. January 2018 Ifriqiyya Electrique

Ifriqiyya Electrique is a musical and religious syncretism of animism and Islamic Sufism. They deliver the healing rituals of possession and trance, which for centuries were part of the slave culture in the Sub-Saharan Africa. They include the Banga ceremony, which is part of the desert tribes culture of southern Tunisia, and the Gnawa rituals of Morocco, where participants fall into trance, led by the vibrating dynamic music and the sound of krakebs (iron castanet-like musical instruments). The aim of these rituals present in the tribe culture of the desert lands of Djerid is not to dispossess of spirits, but rather to accept them and to allow to be controlled by them.

The project is complemented by authentic projections. The authors filmed more than 300 hours of various rituals that enhance the experience of visitors to their concert. Great music work and excellent documentary in the background do not compete in the effort to gain the viewer's attention: they work together to bring viewer among the descendants of slaves south of the salt lake Chott el Djerid. You can experience this musical and documentary travel narrative, where the audience becomes part of the story, at the 22nd Pohoda.