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IDLES – wild post punk from Bristol
These hipsters wearing some serious outfits won’t offer you organic-fair-trade coffee in a warm cup. They’ll make your heart beat faster in a different way: via wild post punk full of passion, fear, rage, euphoria and a motley of emotions processed through amps, effects and hands of five guitar lumberjacks from Bristol. BBC, Louder Than War, The Line of Best Fit or Annie Mac all agree it would be hard to find a band with wilder and more frenetic music to offer. Visitors at our festival don’t have to look any further as IDLES are the latest confirmed name for Pohoda 2017.

10. February 2017 IDLES – wild post punk from Bristol

Tom Robinson of BBC said they were: “Wilder than a very wild thing marked wild in the wild shop in the middle of the wild wild wood. An IDLES live show is not quite like anything that you have ever seen or heard. It’s got all the ingredients taken from rock n roll’s rich history but the synthesis is entirely their own.” They released their debut EP Welcome in 2012. Fans had to wait for more of their music until the fall of 2015. According to Louder Than War, “EP MEAT shows the lean muscle and sinew that was always at the core of the music. Each track takes us deeper into the blood that runs through their pulsing veins.” They are about to release their debut record Brutalism in a month and are planning an eponymous Brutalism UK Tour 2017. At Pohoda, Idles will make all fans of aggressive and at the same time original sound with a good deal of adrenaline happy.