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Hybrid Minds
Hybrid Minds, UK band representing ultimate liquid drum & bass (DnB subgenre with more vocals and fewer DnB elements), are coming to play at the festival. This tried and tested recipe offers an adequate portion of sentiment to the listeners and adds some jazz, soul and blues spin to DnB.

04. March 2015 Hybrid Minds

Hybrid Minds are a producer duo Josh White (Haste) and Matt Lowe (Sensa). Later, Canadian vocalist and producer Jeff Crake (Grimm) joined the crew. Josh and Matt have extensive experience in dance music production. With this project, they crossed the borders of ambient, too. Their first tracks were immediately a success on the well-known DnB YouTube channel UKF. What has won listeners’ favor is the combo of heavy drums, fine vocals and enchanting tunes. In less than 2 years, they have become a name in liquid drum & bass and have introduced general audience to it. Just have a look at the number of views the tracks such as “Meant to Be”, “Fade” or “Lost” have on YouTube or Spotify.