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How the foreign artists evaluated Pohoda 2018
Some artists didnʼt have to write or say anything. For example, Sixto Rodriguez asked his driver halfway from his hotel to the Vienna Airport to turn around and go back. He wanted to stay at Pohoda for a while longer and personally thanked us for a great festival. Jamie Cullum even said he would like to come Pohoda also as a visitor, not only as a performer and Charlie Winstonʼs team said they would send a bus of festival organisers to Pohoda next year to make them see how to do things right. We received a beautiful e-mail from the founder of the Kronos Quartet, and Pohoda was mentioned in several posts by The Chemical Brothers, Donny Benét, Rebel Babel, and Bazzookas. Everything Everything and many others wrote that this has been their best festival this year. You can find the posts here:

10. July 2018 How the foreign artists evaluated Pohoda 2018