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Good news for Slovak bands from Eurosonic

Good news for Slovak bands from Eurosonic

Program of the showcase festival Eurosonic will be focused on Central and Eastern Europe in 2016.

18. January 2015

It`s the result of five-year cooperation of the promoters of the region in the CEETEP program (The Central Eastern European Talent Exchange). It means that each country has guaranteed at least one place in the Eurosonic program. After many years of absence, the Slovak artists will show up again in Groningen. In the informal advisory group for the year 2016 we have two representatives form Slovakia as well - Tibor Holoda and Michal Kaščák.
The goal of the CEETEP is to support the circulation of the national music across the Europe. It is a good stepping-stone for the artists. For the audience it can extend their musical horizons. Confirmed performers of the Bažant Pohoda 2015 Vlasta Popič and Repetitor were nominated in CEETEP in 2013 and 2014. In the past years Slovak bands Puding Pani Elvisovej, B-Complex, AfterPhurikane, Got Blue Balls and The Uniques took a part of the CEETEP program.
Slovak musicians who want to play at the festival can register on their own. Members of ETEP / CEETEP in Slovakia - Pohoda festival and Waves Bratislava come with their tips as well. Final selection will be done by Eurosonic festival dramaturgs.