9th — 12th July 2020
9th — 12th July 2020
Foreign media to talk about Pohoda 2019

Foreign media to talk about Pohoda 2019

Following the great reviews of Slovak and Czech media, we have also put together the many reactions of foreign journalists. Some of them invited readers to spread their ashes at the Trenčín airport, and even called Pohoda a new, better Sziget festival. The British daily The Independent included our festival among the dozen best festivals in Europe, appreciating especially the eclectic line-up for contemporary music fans. The media also gave Pohoda unusual attributes, such as Europeʼs most unpredictable festival. You can read a selection of quotations, including links to their original articles, in this article.

25. July 2019

The Independent (GB)

Slovakia’s biggest music festival also happens to be one of the most affordable in Europe. Its organisers understand modern music fans have eclectic taste and so they’ve invited everyone from Liam Gallagher, The 1975, Dream Wife, The Roots and Lykke Li to perform at the atmospheric Trenčín Airport.




“Taking place in the beautiful Slovakian town of Trenčín, which looks like it’s been snatched right out of a Disney movie complete with an IRL castle too, the first day was a sunny celebration of the festival beginning and an exciting look at what the next few days will hopefully hold.” - Elly Watson, DIY

“With only three stages open during the first evening, it was the perfect example of “quality, not quantity”. - Elly Watson, DIY


“Lykke Li cancels her main stage performance, but Viagra Boys and Death Grips step up to WOW Pohoda Festival at day two. Snapped Ankles, Mac DeMarco and The Roots also impress at the Slovakian festival.” - Elly Watson, DIY



The British media particularly resonated with the replacement of the main act, Swedish singer Lykke Li, with the relatively unknown Norwich band Sink Ya Teeth. To inform about it were the BBC (www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-norfolk-48990149) and NME, and both also interviewed the musicians (www.nme.com/music-interviews/sink-ya-teeth-headline-pohoda-2530457).


Festileaks (NL)


“Already a couple of years Pohoda succeeds to book acts which you can’t find on many other stages in Europe, this year for example, Lykke Li, Lianne La Havas, Mac DeMarco and The Roots. It happened as well many times that a more unknown act played their first big show at Pohoda, resulting in getting booked at other festivals. Last year this was the case for Donny Benét.” -  Milan Bos, Festileaks

“The Pohoda-effect

Unfortunately for Michal Kascak, Lykke Li cancels her performance because of problems at the airport of Barcelona. This is a real pity but it’s clearing the way for this beautiful phenomenon: the Pohoda-effect. As on every festival, it happens that an act has to be cancelled. On Pinkpop it’s solved with finding a last minute new act. On Pohoda an artist which is lower on the festival poster is pushed up to fill the space.” -  Milan Bos, Festileaks


“5 reasons why Pohoda is the most relaxed festival existing

  1. A homemade programm

  2. Side programm as main programm

“I think it’s beautiful to see people making beautiful things, with which they feel good. It can be art but also science. You can see in both the best in people & I would like to offer space for this.” - Michal Kascak

  1. Space!

  2. The Slovak’s behaviour

  3. A relaxed mix of young & old”

-  Milan Bos, Festileaks


“Dancing was the message with the British band. Although it was clear that the band wasn’t prepared for a headline show, they knew how to get the whole crow moving with their positive vibe.” -  Milan Bos, Festileaks


FM4 (AT)


“"Respect is sexy," is on embroidered banners that decorate the construction fences and barriers of Pohoda Festival. The visitors of this festival in the Slovak town Trenčín with over 13 stages, have taken this motto to heart. FM4 already pronounced Pohoda, here, here, here and here, many recommendations for this weekend juwel and also the 2019th Edition of the Pohoda was no exception.” - Katharina Seidler, FM4

“PIVO, Yes, please! Liquors, no, thank you! Thank you, Pohoda.” - Katharina Seidler, FM4

“The connecting lines from Istanbul to Detroit, from Kinshasa (Googling: the band Kokoko!) over Paris to Vienna via Trenčín were again bright during these three Pohoda festival days. We are one and respect is sexy.” - Katharina Seidler, FM4

Festival Info (NL)


“A festival visit feels often like a little holiday. So why wouldn’t you prolong your holiday to a beautiful trip through Europe? Festivalinfo did exactly this: interrailing to the Slovak Festival Pohoda.”

“Pohoda, the new, the better Sziget. …. How is Pohoda better than Sziget? Pohoda is more developed as for festival sustainability. Sustainability is a part of the core of the festival, this you can notice in everything. On many places at the festival there are separation points. Even the food containers and cutlery are biodegradable. In addition to this a big waste team walks over the festival to keep the festival clean. Chapeau for Pohoda!”


“The second day of the festival was focusses on a broad audience. From families with little kids to partying youth, this day has something for everyone. While the Familypark in the corner of the festival is closing the night is starting at Pohoda with a drunk party.”


“The last day of the Slovak festival Pohoda is one of celebration and love. Precisely what the festival is about, already from the start in 1997. De festival visitors, of which many Slovaks are getting the best out of the last day in the Pohoda Universum, as so do we.”

“It was our first time at Pohoda Festival. The combination of the local charm, an interesting line-up and the space is making the festival a success. Pohoda is experiencing a special phase, with magic created between the local and international audience. A tip from us for you: make the trip to Slovakia in 2020! Pohoda, and the travel, is totally worth making!”


Die Presse (AT)


“Trauma and dreams in the pop. Lianne la Havas, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Liam Gallagher - showed them all at the Pohoda Festival at the airport of Trenčín (Slovakia) how music can wipe out losses.” - Samir H. Köck, Die Presse

“Bittersweet: Lianne la Havas at her appearance at the Pohoda Festival in the Slovakia.” - Samir H. Köck, Die Presse


Interia (PL)


“Pohoda Festival 2019: The most unpredictable european festival. A concert, which takes 7 minutes? Burlesque instead of the performance of Charlotte Gainsbourg? The President of Slovakia singing Bohemian Rhapsody or the piano’s all over the festival? This year’s edition of Pohoda, the party taking place at the airport of Trencin, proved to be the most unpredictable European Festival.” - Tomasz Balawejder & Tomasz Bielenia, Interia 

“Pohoda, we love you.” - Tomasz Balawejder & Tomasz Bielenia, Interia 




“Pohoda Festival 2019: The most unpredictable european festival. A concert, which takes 7 minutes? Burlesque instead of the performance of Charlotte Gainsbourg? The President of Slovakia singing Bohemian Rhapsody or the piano’s all over the festival? This year’s edition of Pohoda, the party taking place at the airport of Trencin, proved to be the most unpredictable European Festival.” - Tomasz Balawejder & Tomasz Bielenia, Interia 

“Pohoda, we love you.” - Tomasz Balawejder & Tomasz Bielenia, Interia 




“Quite a bit passed Bratislava in Slovakia, on an old airport close to the very old provincial town Trencin, in between the mountains the fascinating middle size festival Pohoda takes place.” - Anton Slotboom, OOR

“Who good is to Liam, is getting this naturally twice back, good as he feels lately. And good is Pohoda for Liam Gallagher, as they are actually good to each artist which comes to perform the full weekend. Known or unknown artists, it barely matters. Here in between the mountains a handful of stages placed from little ones to huge ones and everywhere there is a curious, attentive, and responsive audience.”  - Anton Slotboom, OOR

“Pohoda is choosing with regularity for the unknown, even on the biggest stages. Pohoda is showing similar West-European festivals how it is as well possible.”  - Anton Slotboom, OOR

“Pohoda continues at full speed. For only 100 euros per ticket, the score is superb, totally if it’s about price-quality rate.”  - Anton Slotboom, OOR

“Still undiscovered by the West-Europe crowd, you are veining yourself in a different universe. A beautiful universe. Thanks to a smart system of refundable cups and many bins, there is literally no waste on the ground. Like really, no waste. A wonderful sight. It is possible! And so, the young Slovak festival organizers who make Pohoda happen with a lot of energy, teach us a great lesson too.”  - Anton Slotboom, OOR


Kalporz (IT)


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All Things Loud (BE)


“The picturesque Pohoda is one of the highlights in the European festival calendar, boasting its biggest line-up to date with names which make the sunny weekender all the more exciting – Liam Gallagher, The 1975, Mac DeMarco among them. Shali Blok spent the week in Slovakia as part of our big European Interrail Adventure, and here’s what he returned with.” - All Things Loud




“A funny tradition to experience: Every day at 05.00 am, the main stage is full with people ready to start dancing on folk music. With this tradition, Pohoda celebrates that the sun rises. The energy that you feel is unique.

If you really want to, the program will continue from the morning until 06.00. That makes sleeping during the day (with the sun on your tent) a bit difficult, but oh well .. you didn't go to a festival to sleep anyway.” - Femke van der Veen, KINK


Dansende Beren (BE)


“Pohoda Festival 2019: A discovery journey in all ways.” - Simon Van Herzele, Dansende Beren

“Pohoda takes place at an old airport in a valley. In this beautiful scenery, we find a festival filled with no fewer than 21 stages. Well yes, stages... Pohoda focusses a lot on additional activities such as performance art, workshops, discussions and a real family park with activities for the little ones. In addition to music lovers, families with children or atmosphere-seekers are joining the festival. Simon Van Herzele, Dansende Beren


Phenomenon (HU)


“Nowadays, every good festival is characterized by the fact that the organizers try to introduce a number of artists who are outside the mainstream, maybe not even mentioned in the music press, and not always from the main supplier countries, the US or the UK. There were plenty of such exciting performances at Pohoda in 2019!” - Dömötör Endre, Phenomenon


Keret (HU)


At Pohoda the majority is looking for concerts rather than for colorful parties. Pohoda is much cheaper, much less ornamented, it is located at the airport instead of the whole island (as Sziget), and much smaller. In fact it’s also shorter than the other two "big Hungarian festivals", the Volt and the Balaton Sound - just three days long. However, already on the first day, it was possible to see how much Pohoda Festival is a social event in Slovakia.


The Slovak Spectator (SK)