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Floating Points Live at Pohoda 2020
Electronic music fans can also look forward to the Floating Points Live concert at Pohoda 2020. London producer Sam Shepherd (who, by the way, has a PhD in neuroscience) has been recording under this stage name since 2008. Floating Points’ breakthrough album Elaenia from 2015 intertwines electronic dance music with his roots in classical music (he studied piano). According to Resident Advisor, the recording he spent five years putting together, was the best album of 2015. According to the portal, “jazz-fusion, ambient, classical, house— had merged as a masterwork” on the album.

29. November 2019 Floating Points Live at Pohoda 2020

The album ranked #2 according to XLR8R and #1 in The Guardian’s charts, where the album is described as follows: “Elaenia flits, swoops and soars beautifully, impossible to pin down, let alone cage.” In 2017, he released a short film and soundtrack titled Reflections – Mojave Desert. Last month, a new recording named Crush came out. Unlike with the debut, he managed to produce the new album within five weeks. The result is, again, fantastic. Pitchfork, for example, confirms this by naming it “Best New Music”. According to the magazine, “Crush is something of a return to Floating Points’ more dancefloor-oriented material,” and Clash adds that it’s “truly, an album to savour”.