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Fat White Family
Fat White Family were formed out of the ashes of bands The Metros and The Saudis in 2011. The band is centered around the Saoudi brothers – Lias (vocals) and Nathan (organ) – with Saul Adamczewski and Adam J Harmer (guitars), Dan Lyons (drums) and Joe Pancucci (bass) complementing the lineup.

17. February 2015 Fat White Family

What you can be sure to expect from the band is the unexpected. Neither their live gigs nor studio recordings can be pigeon-holed. Drummer Dan describes the song-writing partnership of Lias and Saul as being like that of a blackbird and a boa constrictor; however, he’d like to leave it to your imagination to work out which one is which. They have released LP Champagne Holocaust and EP Wet Hot Beef. According to Pitchfork “working mode of this band takes disarray as an important requisite to function,” and they “appear to be as genuinely unhealthy and depraved as their records and shows suggest.” Unabashed sleaze and grooves that will just not fucking let up… A perfect complement to sunny weather and flowers :)