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Eurosonic 2019 focusses on Czech Republic and Slovakia for the first time ever
Eight artists from Slovakia and eight artists from Czechia will get a chance to perform at the next edition of the most prestigious European showcase festival Eurosonic Noorderslag (ESNS). Pohoda and other music professionals’ long-time membership in the talent-exchange organizations ETEP (European Talent Exchange Programme) a CEETEP (Central Eastern European Talent Exchange Programme) bears fruit: The next edition of Groningen-based festival will welcome the biggest number of our artists ever. Now it’s artists’ turn who, starting in May, can submit their applications to grasp this unique opportunity.

05. March 2018 Eurosonic 2019 focusses on Czech Republic and Slovakia for the first time ever

Slovak artists used to appear in Groningen more or less sporadically, which Pohoda and Wilsonic teams declared, for example, by naming their foosball teams “Why There Are No Slovak Artists Playing at Eurosonic”. This partially changed in 2016 thanks to focus on central and eastern European countries. Back then, Fallgrapp and Walter Schnitzelsson traveled to Holland. Last year, The Ills played at the festival and, a few weeks back, Tolstoys premiered at the event. Next year, ESNS 2019 will welcome more Slovak artists than all previous editions combined.

Each year, Eurosonic picks the so-called focus countries: countries, whose music scene will be in the spotlight during the next festival edition. This way, the festival highlights musical diversity across the Old Continent. The main booker at Eurosonic, Robert Meijerink, says more about the decision to focus on Czechia and Slovakia: “We are keen to showcase the unique, high-quality music from these two neighbors. Although two of the youngest countries in Europe, they both have diverse and growing music scenes, a great history and lots of amazing music to be discovered.” Eurosonic CEO, Ruud Berends, emphasizes that this is the result of a long-term effort and participation of festivals and organizations from our countries in ETEP and CEETEP.

Our artists can get to play the festival also thanks to RTVS (Slovak Radio and Television), which, as a member of European Broadcasting Union, can recommend one name. At the same time, RTVS and Radio_FM are our main media partners at this exceptional event. The great news for our artists is also a great honor for Pohoda, which was picked by the representatives as a partner for the focus on music from Slovakia. The advisory board includes Pohoda CEO Michal Kaščák representing Slovakia and Márton Náray (CEO at Sound Czech / Czech Music Office) representing Czechia. Michal comments on the biggest opportunity to bring music from our countries into the spotlight as follows: It is great to be a music fan in Slovakia. The whole planet knows Metallica, PJ Harvey or Sex Pistols, we are lucky enough to also know Čad, Jana Kirschner or The Wilderness on top of it all. Don’t worry – thanks to the Czech and Slovak focus at ESNS 2019 we are happy to share some of our hidden treasures with the beautiful community of music lovers of the world. You deserve it!”  Márton Náray is no less excited when he says the Czech and Slovak focus comes at the right time as the music scene in our region experiences boom in the fields of festivals, clubs as well as musical talent. The opportunity for our countries will come, symbolically, shortly after the 100th anniversary of establishment of Czechoslovakia. Artists can apply online on Eurosonic website from May 1st to September 1st 2018. The invitation also goes to all fans of good music. First festival passes to ESNS 2019 are already available. We are looking forward to seeing you at the amazing shows artists from Slovakia and Czechia will put on at Eurosonic Noorderslag 2019.


Eurosonic is a platform for discovering new music as well as a meeting point for music professionals. Each year, more than 350 acts play at the event and more than 4,000 music professionals and representatives of 400 European festivals get together at the conference. It’s also thanks to Eurosonic that the names such as Alma, Ásgeir, Aurora, Dua Lipa, Hozier, HER, Mø, My Baby, Rejjie Snow, Lost Frequencies, Roosevelt, Royal Blood, Seinabo Sey and Vök caught everyone’s attention. Every year, we discover new talent for Pohoda as well. This year, the following artists are coming to our fest: Jade Bird, Housewives, Schellertollermeier and Reykjavíkurdætur.