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Doma Dobre concert: Longital Suita

Doma Dobre concert: Longital Suita

Longital Suita – project of band Longital and a string quartet with arrangements by Slavo Solovic saw a huge success at its sold-out premiere at Konvergencie Festival. On December 6th, they will be playing with the same lineup for the second time as part of Doma Dobre concert in the lodging house of St. Vincent de Paul.

30. November 2015

Last year, an amazing drummer Marián Slávka rejoined Longital (Shina and Daniel Salontay). Besides playing gigs, they decided to sum up 15 years of band’s existence in a studio. They recorded album A to je všetko! (That is all!) within one session, live and without any additional editing. But that was not all... A few months later, they started cooperating with a string quartet led by Slavo Solovic. Apart from Solovic, the quartet includes well-known musicians Štefan Filas, Milan Adamec and Jozef Lupták.

The author of arrangements Solovic says for Denník N daily: “The Quartet and drums play exactly the same thing and are accompanied by a guitar and bass. I stuck to the original form. We are playing the same songs, together, and at the same time we are doing it our way.ˮ The proof lies in the first video from Konvergencie capturing A to je všetko song, where vigorous string parts are accompanied by similarly intense emotions of Marián Slávka’s solo. According to Longital Suita’s members, the project can be characterized by five words: happy (about musical and human appreciation), self-confident (in the sense of knowing and appreciating yourself), courageous (to try and change), wild and lively.


* Shina – vocals, bass, bow

* Daniel Salontay - guitars, bow, vocals

* Marián Slávka – drums, piano 

The quartet:

* Štefan Filas – lead violin

* Milan Adamec - violin

* Slavo Solovic - viola

* Jozef Lupták - violoncello


* Martin Čema