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Do you know how Pohoda's baby logo and first poster came about?

Do you know how Pohoda's baby logo and first poster came about?

The hugging babies have been a symbol of Pohoda Festival since its inception and are still part of the recognisable Pohoda logo that everyone can identify at first glance. But do you know how the iconic Pohoda logo came to be?

11. December 2023

Martin "Bedly" Beďatš shares the story of creating the logo and the first poster: "Mišo Kaščák asked me and my colleague Dušan to design a poster for the first Pohoda – urgently, quickly; it was just before the deadline, or rather, it was already overdue. Although – knowing Mišo – nobody really believed there would be a festival, we promised to make a poster. We spent the whole night brainstorming at a photographer friend's house, discussing ideas over wine, but rejecting everything we came up with. The festival's name is quite distinctive (it means “relax” or “wellbeing” in Slovak) and we wanted to represent that visually as well, but nothing seemed good enough. In the morning, tired, we stumbled into the studio – and suddenly, it clicked. It was simple and powerful. What could be a better symbol of relax and wellbeing than hugging babies? We sat down at the computer, did a quick sketch, and gave it to Mišo – take it or leave it.”

Thus was born the first poster for Pohoda 1997, then called Kráľovská Pohoda, along with the festival's iconic logo.

The co-authors of the poster were Martin "Bedly" Beďatš and Dušan Šimun. You can also get a limited edition risograph of the first poster – the first 500 people who buy tickets for Pohoda 2024 in the Pohoda e-shop for at least €250 before January 9 will receive this limited edition risograph as a gift. The risographs are limited to 500 pieces, and there won't be any more.

At the same time, we will give away a pair of Pohoda socks of your choice for every ticket purchased until January 9.

The risographs are signed by Mišo Kaščák (Pohoda CEO), Jozef Sklenka (author of the risographs), Martin "Bedly" Beďatš (co-author of the first Pohoda poster) and Dušan Šimun (co-author of the first Pohoda poster).