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Disordered Kind
Bratislava-based Petra Drexler, known in techno community as Leia Drex, and her “more than a blood brother” Daniel Stöger, alias FNX, of Kittsee, Austria, have known each other “almost their entire lives” and have been building their DJ reputation successfully for years, each on their own. One day in 2016, though, they started to think of forming a project together, which was a great idea! This is how a wild combination of Djing and live improvisation full of analogue synths, drum machines and other boxes named Disordered Kind came into being. The duo will be closing Friday program at Slovenská sporiteľňa Arena.

14. June 2018 Disordered Kind

Leia Drex with her dark, vigorous, pulsating rhythms mixes with acid-oriented, noisy and non-stop improvising FNX and the result is a crazy ride of genuine techno stripped of any pretenses, adornments or compromises. Since their first performance together, their skill to infallibly attack central nervous system and musculoskeletal system of each visitor at their shows slowly slithers from one underground club to another. Today, more than two years of project’s existence, none of those who participated in their rhythm and noise therapy is surprised that their set changes every night. The only thing we can say with certainty is that their debut EP Fatum to be released on a debuting label Mai Lei Bel is due out a few days after Pohoda (in mid-July 2018). At Pohoda Festival 2018, fans of dance craziness can see for themselves that Disordered Kind live – with help of visuals by Kubriel from Nano VJs – is not and won’t be boring.