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Daniel Hevier - Hevi Dubi Komiks Band
Daniel Hevier is meeting children across the country on his Hevi Tour 60. During the holidays, he will also visit Bažant Pohoda with the HEVI DUBI KOMIKS BAND that plays and sings his lyrics.

28. May 2015 Daniel Hevier - Hevi Dubi Komiks Band

The establishment and members of the band are shrouded in rumors and mystery. Evil tongues say that it is composed of experienced and seasoned musicians (Peter Humeňanská, Stano Kociov, Marcela Vilhanová, Rasťo Dubovský, and Ján Morávek). Angel tongues, however, say that the band arose from the cult comic book of five musicians (Huhu, Koco, Maca, Dubi, and Johny) who struggle with dark forces aspiring to take away music and singing from humanity. The members play a number of instruments, sing in a perfect five-part harmony while juggling, perform clown pieces, and entertain themselves and the audience. But be careful! Although the songs are intended for children, teenagers, and young families, they are no infantile pieces. No songs of ducks and teddy bears! It is the music for contemporary, challenging and intelligent audience, whether it is six or nine.