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coucou chloe
According to Pitchfork, “her breakneck club creations can leave dancers breathless in minutes.” Vogue named her one of the most interesting producers in the London underground. French DJ, producer and vocalist Coucou Chloe released her debut EP Halo in the fall of 2016. NTS Radio fixture rose to fame thanks to track “Doom” which was part of the soundtrack for Rihanna Fenty x Puma show at New York Fashion Week. She’s recently released a playful experimental EP Erika Jane, which represents her best work to date. And she proves it during live performances as well as DJ sets. Pohoda 2018 festival-goers will get to see one as well. We discovered Coucou Chloe thanks to Jonatán Pastirčák who will be curating Saturday night in our club together with Kabal.

13. April 2018 coucou chloe