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Cosmetic studio Dermacolu at Pohode 2019
Dermacol at Pohoda will definitely please the representatives of the fairer sex.  Dermacol prepared an entire care programme for them. Skincare cosmetic routine completed with an application of masks, creams and serums can be enjoyed every morning until 10:30. If you choose to have a complete make-up or hairstyle using coloured powders done, there will be professional make-up artists available throughout the day. You can buy products from a range of facial, body and decorative cosmetics on site, and for purchases over € 14.99 you’ll get a bonus in form of a free professional make-up application. There will, of course, be the traditional Instagram competition #dermacolnapohode that can help you win attractive beauty packages every day.

12. June 2019 Cosmetic studio Dermacolu at Pohode 2019