Airport Trenčín 11 — 13 July 2024
Concert for Ukraine

Concert for Ukraine

This Sunday, 27th February, we are holding the Concert for Ukraine/Концерт для України on Bratislava’s Main Square. “With this concert, we want to show our solidarity with the people of Ukraine. The liberal arts are developing best in free countries, and we know that our friends in Ukraine are trying to do the same. Every year, great artists from Ukraine perform at Pohoda, we receive representatives of their media, we have many visitors and great relationships with promoters from Ukraine. We want to let them all know also this way that we are with them in these difficult times. By the way, it is clear that if a similar attack concerned Slovakia, one of the first targets would be the Trenčín airport, which is also used for many civilian activities, including our festival,” says Michal Kaščák.

24. February 2022

Shceduled live stream:


15:00 Soloists of the musical and dramatic ensemble of Taras Shevchenko + Ľubica Čekovská, Eugen Prochác, Juraj Burian, Raymund Kákoni, Ivor Kocava

15:10 Saténové ruky

15:15 Katarzia

15:20 Para

15:30 Rodion Sun Lion

15:35 Charmsove deti

15:40 Neha!

15:45 Hudba z Marsu

15:50 Braňo Jobus + Martin Valášek

15:55 Sendreiovci

16:00 Čad

16:05 B-Complex

16:10 Slovak Philharmonic Choir

16:15 Martin Geišberg + Daniel Špiner

16:20 Bez ladu a skladu

16:25 Vladimír Merta

16:30 Muzička

16:35 Funny Fellows

16:40 Polemic

16:50 Štefan Štec + Peter Kunzo

17:00 Rozpor

17:10 Lash & Grey

17:15 Miklei

17:25 Banda

17:30 Michael Kocáb + Martin Wittgruber

17:35 Technik STU choir + Apollo choir + Veronika Demidovich


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