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Concert for the Attentive to host the full set of Prago Union
This yearʼs Koncert pre všímavých (translated as the Concert for the Attentive) in the KC Dunaj club will be ruled by one of the best Czech hip-hop formations Prago Union, that will perform with the new live band, and the Croatian band ABOP, which plays electronic music in the rock setting. Panáčik will bring together performance, music, video, and theatre; we will see also the Gypsy Band Lomnické Čháve, that was probably the most energetic show at the NAY dance house at this yearʼs Pohoda, and DJ Džbán will take care of the afterparty. The event will also feature the Michal Kaščákʼs debate with the figures of November 1989 Ladislav Snopko and Fedor Gál. This yearʼs edition will turn into a small multi-genre festival, as besides music and the debate, the event will also include a great literary programme called Walden alebo život na Brízgalkách (Walden or life in Brízgalky). Publishing house BRaK will introduce two books: H. D. Thoreau: Walden or Life in the Woods and Augustín Dobrovodský: Kurič v letnom kine (translated as Stoker in the Summer cinema). The debaters will be Alexander Balogh, Laco Teren, Robert Roth, Alexander Dobrovodský, and Tomáš Hučko. Before the Concert for the Attentive, the P. O. Hviezdoslav City Theatre will hold the Day of the White Crows, which, besides handing over awards for civic bravery, will include narratives about courage, crossing borders, community, musical performances, theatre performance, films, workshops, and debates with new white crows.

02. November 2017 Concert for the Attentive to host the full set of Prago Union

One of the most striking bands of the hip-hop scene in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Prago Union celebrate their 15th anniversary these days. Kato, the founder of the band, started with rap already a decade before the band was formed, at the time when Czechoslovakia was split up. Under the pseudonym Deph, he worked in the legendary band Chaozz. Kato is considered one of the best Czechoslovak hip-hop lyricists. As the Artattack portal says: “It is the lyrics that is the essence of Prago Union. These are testimonies wrapped in the ability to sketch the image and build a metaphor. They create a surprising point.” Prago Union was the first band to repeatedly claim the Anděl Award in the hip-hop & RʼnʼB category. Last year they released their fifth album, Smrť žije (translated as Death Lives), which was rated 9 out of 10 by hip-hop magazine BBARAK. The authors of the review wrote: “Even though they deal with the themes of birth and death, their music remain a cheerful, witty the celebration of life.” On 17 November, we do have things to celebrate. They will perform at the KC Dunaj club with a new live band composed of Tonda Dlapa (guitar), Ondra Hauser (bass guitar), and Oliver Lipenský (drums).

ABOP is an acronym for the Croatian proverb “After party is better than the party”. This prominent Croatian electronic band loves dance music, but every beat is hand-made. Instead of patterns, two drummers, precise as a watch, beat the drums sitting opposite each other. The band is further composed of a bass guitar player, sound engineer, and two keyboard players, all of whom are also known from other top Yugoslav bands. Legend has it that the band originated after a terrible party in 2010 that they wanted to save with at least a good afterparty. As they did not have a sound source with them, they grabbed musical instruments and, fortunately, did not let them out of their hands. We saw the “Balkan Electro Guzzi” live at the Ment festival and we do confirm the words in their press-kit: it is an intransferable experience that simply has to be seen and heard live.

Talented Roma musicians from Veľká Lomnica, Gypsy Band Lomnické Čháve managed to pack and make sweat the NAY dance house at Pohoda. The experience of their energy, temperament, and individual feel are not just part of the genius loci of the festival: this is confirmed by the great responses to their performance that we keep receiving even these days. The same applies for Gypsy Band Lomnické Čháve as it did for the band ABOP. Some things cannot be described with words... especially what the “violin Jimi Hendrix”, Gustáv Gábor, did with the crowd.

Decadent touch, intense vocals, electronic and live arrangements, and unconventional videos keep winning still more fans for Panáčik. Even more remarkable are his performances; he did one of his shows also at this yearʼs Pohoda Deň_FM and at Pohoda. His set simply cannot go unnoticed: the visitors of the Concert for the Attentive will be able to experience that.

Following his premiere at Pohoda, DJ Džbán, a recently-become-father, head of our production, and legend of afterparty after afterparty, will test his eclectic set and the movement culture of the KC Dunaj club visitors. His choice of music without any logic, an outfit based on the carpet fashion of the eighties, and his characteristic moves associated with an all-embracing eco-smile, can win everyone. He will also play songs that you cannot even find on Spotify. His uncompromising selection of the music from Japan, through India, and the Middle East to the nightmares of the 90s charts works surprisingly well. Admission to the concerts at the KC Dunaj club is €12 in advance sale and €15 on the venue.

The P. O. Hviezdoslav City Theatre will hold the tenth edition of the Biela vrana (White Crow) award. This time, the gate of the theatre will opens at half past two. The award ceremony will be preceded by interesting debates about the essence of the courage, and the guests will be Milan Šimečka, Radovan Bránik, Matej Tóth, Zuzana Wienk, and white crows Monika Podolinská, Emília Trepáčová, and Andrej Bán. The ceremony will have the performances of B Complex, Hoda Jahanpour & Jozef Lupták, and Chalani z chatrče. Admission is €8. You can choose to support the project with a higher amount as well.

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You are invited to the Concert for the Attentive and the Day of the White Crows by: Fair-play Alliance, VIA IURIS, KC Dunaj, and Pohoda festival.


KC Dunaj, Nedbalova 3

  • 7:00 pm Door open
  • 7:30 pm Debate with Fedor Gál and Laco Snopko
  • 8:15 pm – 9:00 pm Panáčik
  • 9:.00 pm – 9:45 pm Walden alebo život na Brízgalkách (Walden or the life in Brízgalky) (premiere release of books from the publishing house BRaK)
    • H. D .Thoreau: Walden or Life in the Woods
    • Augustín Dobrovodský: Kurič v letnom kine (Stoker in the Summer cinema).

              Performers: Alexander Balogh, Laco Teren, Robert Roth, Alexander Dobrovodský, Tomáš Hučko.

  • 9:45 pm – 11:00 pm Prago Union (CZ)
  • 11:00 pm – 11:45 pm Gypsy Band Lomnické Čháve
  • 11:45 pm – 01:00 am ABOP (HR)
  • 01:00 DJ Džbán

Admission: Admission: €12 in advance sale (€15 on the venue)

Tickets for the Concert for the Attentive: (number of tickets is limited)