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Chalani z chatrče in Café Kušnierik
Chalani z chatrče are a bunch of musicians from Budulovská village in Moldava. They started to play more actively after a police intervention in the settlement on June 19, 2013. One of their songs is dedicated to this sad event. Meanwhile, the victims of the intervention were turned into the accused – similar to Hedviga Malinová’s case. In addition to the great music, Chalani z chatrče draw attention to the iniquities committed by the official authorities on the weakest inhabitants of Slovakia. Thanks to their great voices, they also collaborated with Ida Kelarová on her project Čhavorenge. Juraj Kušnierik was, except for his artistic soul, also a great human rights activist, and we're sure that Chalani z chatrče will make him happy in his Pohoda tent.

02. May 2019 Chalani z chatrče in Café Kušnierik