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Bolo nás jedenásť - live @ Pohoda 2019
“Such a large and such an attentive listening crowd have never gathered below the second biggest stage at Pohoda before. And we all witnessed an evening that will be long remembered,” wrote Oliver Rehák from Denník N. after the concert of Bolo nás jedenásť at Pohoda 2019. The best album of our history, according to many, was performed live for the very first time in history at Pohoda 2017. During this year, Peter Lipa, Juraj Benetin, Lyrik, Zuzana Kronerová and Yael Shoshana Cohen (Lola Marsh’s singer) joined “the traditional singing line-up”. You can enjoy the atmosphere of this special concert on our YouTube channel in this video:

01. October 2019 Bolo nás jedenásť - live @ Pohoda 2019