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Bazzookas at Pohoda 2018
Before Pohoda 2016, hardly anyone here in Slovakia knew who Bazzookas are, but when the festival ended, this band was one of those that got the most positive feedback. It seems that the attraction was mutual: At the last year’s Reeperbahn, the band awarded Pohoda the Bazzookas Award for the best festival they’ve ever played. What is typical of the band is a school bus around which they create a fantastic pop-up party. To really see what the band is about, check this video from Pohoda 2016 out...

28. December 2017 Bazzookas at Pohoda 2018

Drums, bass, guitar, keys, brass section comprising trombone, trumpet and sax, and a singer with dreadlocks. Basically, a standard ska line-up, but in the musical weapon called Bazzookas, it turns into an extremely explosive gunpowder. It’s interesting to watch what this Dutch ska-rock band does to the crowd as well as what the moshing crowd does to them. In the words of one of Pohoda 2016 visitors: “Bazzookas caused a 30-minute-long mass psychosis. You don’t get to see something like that often.” They travel in a bus that is hard to look past. Occasionally, it turns into a mobile stage. They played a number of shows at Pohoda 2016 from the bus and are planning to do something similar again next year.


“Their in-bus shows are so much fun and are thoroughly prepared. At times, a trumpet appears in the window, the bus sways, happy people inside are dancing and people around the bus enjoy the music as well as the stage itself. We saw this at Reeperbahn in Hamburg, where the fantastic Bazzookas have been creating good atmosphere for years now,” says Michal Kaščák. Apart from that, we ran into them by lucky chance in a bar at Eurosonic and it was one of the biggest parties we experienced there last year (it might have been the biggest one).


It seems that the liking is mutual. At the biggest German showcase festival Reeperbahn, Bazzookas, who travel across Europe in their stylish bus, revealed a shortlist of the best events they played last year. Toward the end of the festival, they announced the winner of their Bazzookas Award for the best festival and audience in 2016. The award went to Pohoda. They explained their choice as follows: “Choosing Pohoda was based on the following: great location, great line-up (yes, also Bazzookas ;-)), clean and friendly, great stages, great backstage, funny extra’s, and super friendly people taking care of us and each other!” We’re happy that you can see this super friendly and fun crew of great musicians at Pohoda 2018.