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BaBa ZuLa – psychedelic-oriental rock'n'roll from Istanbul
The Trenčín airport will also host BaBa ZuLa and their Istanbul psychedelic rock'n'roll. They create unusual combination of psychedelia, reggae, electronica and dub combining traditional (and non-traditional) Turkish instruments. Their show is a breath taking display of different kinds of art, when on stage, apart from original music, you can see a belly dancer, poetry, theatre or live drawing. The audience thus experience an eccentric audio-visual celebration. Culture Trip has ranked them among the top 10 artists from Turkey that you should know and The Guardian gave their Do Not Obey album (2016) four stars out of five. After festivals such as Roskilde, Printemps de Bourge or Venice Biennale, Pohoda 2019 attenders will also get a chance to see BaBa ZuLa.

20. February 2019 BaBa ZuLa – psychedelic-oriental rock'n'roll from Istanbul

The Istanbul band BaBa ZuLa was founded in 1996 and currently features Levent Akman (spoons, percussion, boxes, toys), Murat Ertel (electric saz and other string Instruments, lead vocals, oscillator, theremin) Ümit Adakale (darbuka, percussion) and Periklis Tsoukalas (electric oud, vocals). Individual instruments and instrumentation refer to the rich cultural history of Anatolia. It carries the themes of the Turkish Roma, Sufi music and shamanic traditions of ancient nations inhabiting this territory. Their song "Bir Sana Bir De Bana" is one of the top 5 most searched Turkish songs on Shazame. Mad Professor collaborated on it with them. Other well-known collaborations include names such as Alexander Hacke (Einstürzende Neubauten), Dr. Das (Asian Dub Foundation), saxophonist Ralph Carney (collaborated with Tom Waits or B52's) and the diva Semiha Berksoy. The band also rose to fame thanks to their many participations in film soundtracks and theatre music. The musical explorers BaBa ZuLa will play the psychedelic mixture of western genres delivered by ancient oriental instruments at the 23rd year of Pohoda.