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B-Complex + Vladimír 518 Show
B-Complex is a Slovak producer and a DJ who has become popular outside Slovakia especially with her compositions released under the label Hospital Records. She has played millions of streams of tracks and has given countless performances in Europe and beyond. In addition to making great music, Matia is also a Pohoda counsellor: we discuss the dance scene together. Last year, she enriched her show with a dragon dance performance, and we can start looking forward to it also this year... and it will be bigger, better, and wilder! Matia is joining forces with a Czech hip-hop legend, a member of PSH, the founder of the BigBoss label, a graffitist, a set designer, and a producer, Vladimír 518. They will showcase his rap and repertoire, as well as new tracks and remixes, in this unusual formation on Saturday night. They wrote in the description of the show: “Together, against hatred and in all colours of the rainbow.”

12. June 2018 B-Complex + Vladimír 518 Show