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Aurora at Pohoda 2018
She is only 21 and is already played on BBC; she appeared in the Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert talk shows and is currently working on her second album. After Auroraʼs last yearʼs perfect concert at the Grape festival, the Norwegian singer with etheric voice will return to Slovakia and perform at Pohoda 2018.

05. December 2017 Aurora at Pohoda 2018

Aurora began composing melodies when she was six and has been writing lyrics for the melodies since the age of nine. Her first songs include the “Running with the Wolves” hit featured on the BBC. Her other song, “Runaway”, was listened to on Spotify one million times within 6 weeks, and media such as NME praised her. In May 2015, she released EP “Running with the Wolves” and in December of the same year she did a cover of “Half of the World Away” by Oasis, which became popular thanks to a viral Christmas commercial.

In March 2016, she released her debut album “All My Demons Greeting Me as a Friend”, for which she won the Norwegian European Breaking Borders Award and was nominated to the Public Choice Award. NY Times wrote about the album: “Fears and sorrows hold a radiant gleam on “All My Demons Greeting Me as a Friend”, the rapturous debut album by the 19-year-old Norwegian singer and songwriter Aurora.” Entertainment Weekly even likened its magical atmosphere to Björkʼs art-pop. Her songs and cover versions appeared in many films (Alien: Covenant), series (XOXO, The Flash), and computer games (FIFA 16, The Sims 4). The dreamy atmosphere of her work will also be part of the “soundtrack” of Pohoda 2018.