Airport Trenčín 11 — 13 July 2024
Aquaserge at Pohoda 2024

Aquaserge at Pohoda 2024

Aquaserge is an experimental avant-prog-rock band formed in 2005 in Toulouse, southern France. Their songs draw on genres such as free jazz, pop, noise, French film music, kraut, and the work of iconic Gallic bands.

15. November 2023

The band's strength lies mainly in their live performances, as their 2018 live album, "Déjà vous?", proves. According to Modern Vinyl, the band offers fearless musical exploration, excellent sound quality, solid musicianship, and intriguing compositions. The band has featured some interesting musicians throughout its history, shaping its musical direction while also working in bands such as Tame Impala and Stereolab.

Aquaserge are currently working on a new album, so we're sure to hear some new material at Pohoda in July.