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Andrea Bučko in Café Kušnierik
The talented composer, pianist and singer Andrea Bučko will also play at Café Kušnierik. She is often compared to Tori Amos or Norah Jones, and she wonderfully opened the concert of Sixto Rodriguez in Stará Tržnica last autumn. In her music, Andrea mixes several genres ranging from jazz, indie, Slovak folklore, classical music to the French chanson influences. In 2012, she debuted with album “In the Middle of”, featuring a talented harpist and her long-time colleague Maria Kmeťková, who will be her guest also at Pohoda. The debut was then followed by “Polarity” (2015) and the latest release “Escape” (2018); she worked on the latter one during her almost two-year residence in Paris. She collaborated on this extraordinarily intimate recording with, for example, Iraqi painter and political refugee Mudi, and the album features also a duet with the singer of the famous Brazilian band Vanguart, Helio Flanders.  Songs from the last album, as well as some new ones, will be delivered by her intimate line-up at Pohoda 2019, too. 

02. May 2019 Andrea Bučko in Café Kušnierik

Andrea wrote most of the lyrics; however, you can find here also musical pieces with poems by Emily Dickinson and Guillaume Appolinaire. The songs deal with the themes of humanity, prejudice, forbidden love, the duality of “romantic” Paris, as well as the feelings of young people from the unfortunate situation in the world. Typical of Bučko, a graduate of theatrical direction at the Academy of Performing Arts, are expressive videos that combine dance, fine arts, and theatre. Andrea has performed at the Jazz fest Wien, the Mea jazz fest, the Royal Park Music Festival in Brussels, Pinoy Jam Paris, TEDx in Bratislava, the Bratislava Jazz Days, and has regularly performed in the Orphéé privé music club in Paris. Juraj Kušnierik also followed Andrea Bučko’s career closely and he was curious to see how her work would develop. We think he’d be very pleased. 

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