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Eastern Slovakia will have their reggae representative, too: a band from Prešov called Akustika. The band started in 2013 as N3O Akustika. In 2014, they released the album “Vnímaj to svetlo” that featured another band of Pohoda 2018—Medial Banana. The single “Duchovná revolúcia” received quite the attention, and other songs like “Pridaj sa k nám”, “Vnímaj to svetlo”, and “Rastaman” have tens of thousands of views on YouTube. They changed their name to Akustika in 2016; the band is currently working on a new album that they will present also to the visitors of Pohoda 2018.  

10. May 2018 Akustika

After releasing their first album, the band N30 Akustika received a nomination for the Debut of the year in the Radio_FM Radio Head Awards 2014 poll. After the summer festival season in 2016, some members left/joined the band, which led to a change in the name of the band from the original N3O Akustika to the current Akustika. The former singer was replaced by Pavol Kovaľ and the wind section was added. In 2016, they released the single “Pridaj sa k nám”, which reached most Slovak radio stations. In 2015, they started having the yearly Street Tour, where they entertain people directly in the streets of not only Slovak cities. In 2016, the Tour brought them to France and Italy, which was also the filming location for the video for their next single called “I'm a Rastaman”. The band is currently working on their second studio album, which is scheduled to be released in the coming weeks.