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A Shining Example: DiS Does Pohoda 2017
Over the last few years, Pohoda has deservedly earned a burgeoning reputation as one of Europe’s best-kept festival secrets. It’s not just the amazing value for money that a weekend here offers, nor is it the diverse, eclectic line-up that guarantees something for everyone year after year. It’s that at Pohoda, fan enjoyment and fun is the very ethos the whole event is geared towards. Here, there’s no feeling that you are a “customer” or “consumer”, or the sense that profit is being chased; branding is kept to a minimum, and the festival has only one major sponsor, actively shunning more corporate involvement (something that would no doubt be lucrative). It’s long been noted – by bands, fans, and fellow journalists – just how far ahead European events such as this are in terms of organization, charm, and friendliness when compared to UK counterparts, but Pohoda goes further than that; here, you’re family.

15. August 2017 A Shining Example: DiS Does Pohoda 2017