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The Wilderness SK

EUrópa stage Saturday 02:00 Show in program
The Wilderness

A journey to a punk concert. Pankáč proudly pulls out the latest burned CD and The Wilderness roar all over the car... In this moment, it is clear that we have just discovered another band for our Pohoda line-up. Headbanger_FM introduced them before the first this yearʼs session with words: “Dáša Fon Fľaša says they are the best Slovak punk, Shooty says they recorded Slovak Nevermind, and Sveťo Korbeľ called them his favourite Slovak band”. In early July, they will show off their high-speed mixture of punk music / HC in the standard dialect of Trnava also at Pohoda 2017.  

The Wilderness is a DIY HC/punk band that has been active since 2011. So far, they have recorded three albums, the conceptually arranged The Wilderness III being the most bulging. The last released EP is 2015. In their lyrics, they focus on the political, religious and socio-critical topics, philosophical and moral dilemmas, conflicts of subjective vision of the world and objective reality. They organise concerts for other punk bands from around the world under the banners of the Consume and Die! crew. In 2016, they toured Balkan countries and were guests of the show Headbanger_FM in early 2017. As they themselves said: “currently they consider themselves the most over-acclaimed Slovak band. However, they do killing believe in what they do, and mean every track totally seriously”. In a review of their eponymous album, Renat Khallo acknowledged the “great raw sound, uncompromised feeling, original arrangements, and meaningful philosophizing rebellion”. He gave the best description of their work by saying they are “a punk crazy storm without clichés and infantile language”.