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Saténové Ruky SK

CAFÉ KUŠNIERIK Saturday 18:15 Show in program
Saténové Ruky

Saténové ruky will play their third concert at Pohoda in a row. At last yearʼs edition of the festival, they publicly released the second album, entitled “Tretí album”, that was produced by Tomáš Sloboda and Erik “Losos” Horák and featured Shooty, Broňa Schragge, Škrupo, and Katarzia. They are currently releasing two new singles “Kaviár” and “Kľúče” but the two pieces are not brand new. “Kaviár” was already featured on “Tretí album” but the bandʼs concerts shaped it into a new look, so Saténové ruky decided to capture this original form also in the recording studio. The single “Kľúče” was supposed to be included in “Tretí album” but was left out for time reasons. The lyrics are again the work of Bebe, and they focus on the stereotype of relationships. Music therapy is a good tip for relationship problems, so this single may become a hit for many couples. The band is currently preparing the release of “Tretí album” on vinyls and the discs are supposed to be launched before summer. In addition, they will give concerts at Slovak festivals, including Pohoda, and you might be surprised also with a cover song with anti-fascist themes.