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Saténové ruky SK

Ticketportal stage Friday 23:00 Show in program
Saténové ruky

Saténové ruky have become a phenomenon since their recent foundation. Musicians in their forties recorded a fantastic generation album, for which they recently won two Radio_Head Awards statuettes from the young Rádio FM: they won them for the debut of the year and the album of the year (critics' award). They themselves refer to their music as primitive rock, yet it would be quite a challenge to find better lyrics on the contemporary scene. At the end of last year, they released new song “Dala mi niečo do pitia”. After the great concert at last yearʼs Pohoda, Saténové ruky will play also at the 21st edition of our festival.

The Bratislava band Saténové ruky is made of long-time friends and musical connoisseurs. As it often happens, the band formed spontaneously. Its story began during a New Yearʼs Eve holiday in the no longer existing Villa Aida guesthouse in the village of Hodruša – Hámre, when Vlado Janček and Bebe composed a couple of songs for their families as their pastime. The songs included the bandʼs first single with Dadaist lyrics, “Príbor”. Kasko later joined the two musicians; together with Jozef Lipa, this is now the complete cast of Saténové ruky. 

Their music is characterised by simple guitar riffs and rock and roll drive, some songs have the atmosphere of British guitar songs – the group commented it as “an incorrect reaction to Britpop”, while others play the poetics of typical Bratislava guitar alternative music, such as “Kosaznosa”. The band consists of the poet Vlado Janček (vocals and guitar), DJ and presenter Bebe (vocals, bass), Kasko (vocals, guitar), and Jožo Lipa (drums). The songs “Kde mám bundu?” (Where's My Jacket?), “Fúzy” (Moustache), “Prostredsong”, and “DušaN” have shortly become classics. The song “DušaN” has a bold animated video (currently more than 100,000 views on YouTube) that was created by the famous Japanese director Sugimoto Kousuke based on the English translation of the song lyrics.

What is great about their concerts is the evident joy of the band members of what they are doing. As Vlado Janček said in an interview for Newsound: “The feeling when you hold your own vinyl in your hands, or when other people not just colleagues from work come to your concert, that is really worth it”.