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Muzička SK


Temperament, enthusiasm and energy are the defining characteristics of Muzička’s performances. From the very beginning, they have been interpreting Slovak folk music in the most authentic way possible. The Welcoming of the Sun at Pohoda 2019 will be turned into a wild dance folk party, which will also include a dance workshop. They will present a musical-folk tour of Slovakia and share many surprises with us.

In 1994, the members of Muzička started with organizing of Evenings of authentic folklore in Bratislava, where they would invite performers from various regions. It was these musical friends from whom they learned the "old" songs from the whole of Slovakia. In 2001, they released their debut Muzička and in the same period also participated in the launch of the Dance Houses – events presenting folklore and folk dance to the general public organized by the association Dragúni. They released the album Muzička 2 in 2005. The result of cooperation among Muzička, Dragúni and members of Klub milovníkov autentického folklóru (Authentic Folklore Fans Club) were two all evening programmes – Husľovačka 1 and 2. They were presented at all important Slovak folklore festivals as well as at Pohoda. Muzička is still devoted mainly to the study of authentic recordings of Slovak folk singing and music, which they try to present to the audience in their original form. Every member of Muzička can sing and singing is as equally important part of musical expression as music. A female singing group that also deals with the interpretation of folk songs based on the original works and participates in the creation of the programme of Husľovačka 2 forms part of Muzička as well.