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Korben Dallas SK

Korben Dallas

Korben Dallas released a new studio album called Bazén this month. It was produced by Eddie Stevens who’s known for his collaboration with Moloko, Zero 7 and singers like Róisín Murphy, Sia and Jana Kirschner. A novelty for the album and the tour is a vocalist trio and Ľubo Petruška, this time not only as a special guest, but as a full member of the band. The band is currently presenting the record on a Slovak-Czech tour. After it’s over, Korben Dallas will also perform at Pohoda 2019.

Korben Dallas was founded by relatively seasoned musicians in 2010, but the speedy success that the band had seen in five years of its existence must’ve been a pleasant surprise for them, too. Their debut Pekné cesty (2011) was released as a live concert recording and was immediately nominated for the Radio_Head Awards in the Album of the Year category – critics' award. Two years later, their studio record Karnevalová Vrana won statuettes in all major categories – Best Album, Best Single (Otec) and Best Concert Band. In addition, Karnevalová Vrana also reached the top in the album ranking of the Slovak version of iTunes and Spotify.

In 2014 they released the third album, Banská Bystrica, which was also presented at Pohoda. Shortly afterwards they joined forces with Slavo Solovic and the Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra. In this version they played Viva Musica! festival, Doma Dobre concert in De Paul night shelter, as well as the next year of our festival. The Korben Dallas Symphony project was also recorded on the album Kam ideme (2015), featuring Aneta Langerová in the song Sen. They played the 20th edition of our festival in Radio (aktívna zóna)_FM. In 2017 they released Stredovek, and exactly two years after that their new album Bazén, which they introduced live in Banská Bystrica, Bratislava and Košice. The fans were impressed by the video for Závidím Ti by Simon Seriš or the video for the song Raketa by director Tomáš Halík. A time-lapse with a panoramic view of Bratislava was created for the film Slovakia – Present Past.


Korben Dallas are:

  • Juraj Benetin - guitar, vocals
  • Lukáš Fila - bass
  • Ozo Guttler - drums
  • Ľubo Petruška - guitar