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Jan P. Muchow & The Antagonists CZ

MAZAGRANDE STAGE Friday 23:00 Show in program
Jan P. Muchow & The Antagonists

“Hallo, Lucky boy...” Pohoda 2018 will hear also the tunes from films such as Loners, In The Shadow, The Tiger Theory, Grandhotel, Women in Temptation, Yuma, One Hand Canʼt Clap, and Vaclav. The next performer at our festival is the superband JAN P. MUCHOW & THE ANTAGONISTS that is grouped around the founder of the cult band Ecstasy of Saint Theresa, a sought-after producer, and one of the most appreciated Czech composers of film music, Jan P. Muchow. The audiovisual live concert performance of the scenic music and songs from his best-known films will be performed on stage by his colleagues who were involved in the individual projects, and the music will be accompanied by a large-scale projection.

This unique concert project offers an overview of the film work of Jan P. Muchow in an exceptional connection of the big names of the Czech music scene. The programme consists of scenic music and songs written exclusively for individual films. We will hear the legendary “Lucky Boy” from the film Loners alongside the fragile Grandhotel theme, the “Cowboy Of The River” from The Tiger Theory next to the dark tunes of the films In The Shadow and Normal, and the playful central theme of the film Women in Temptation alongside the western “Out of Shadow” from the Polish film Yuma, while in the latter one Jan P. Muchow and Václav Havelka first joined their forces for the film. We could hear the film music of Jan P. Muchow for the first time in the 1996 cult debut of David Ondříček, Whisper. 20 years have passed and Jan P. Muchowʼs music filmography is made up of 30 titles. Equal to the variety of his work, the concert setting is also manifold: violin, violoncello, piano, and Ema Brabcováʼs captivating voice; fine rhythm, play on the saw, electronic music, guitar, and the captivating vocals of Václav Havelka. All of this is complemented by VJ Cladoʼs screenings, which will remind the viewer of the specific films and enhance their emotions.