7th — 9th July 2022
Airport Trenčín 7th — 9th July 2022

God and Eve SK

They are young, they study music composition and they like contemporary classical music, jazz and artpop. Despite the fact that they managed to play only one concert, they have already been praised by Kevin Cole from the American radio station KEXP and Michal Kaščák, who described their performance as one of the strongest moments of the new show Klubtúra. The talented God and Eve are releasing their debut EP The Creation on Slnko Records these days and will present it at the next Pohoda festival.

The basis of the band God and Eve is formed by Eva Sajanová and Richard Grimm. Richard is a little better known on the home scene thanks to his work in the bands Raptor Koch, Max Bazowski and the surreal solo project Boh Vajec. As for Eva, the five-track EP is her first songwriting success. She comes up with the first ideas and themes in the creative process, and she also thinks up music, which Richard then arranges, modifies and together they create the final product.

"Songs are based on my being. Sometimes I feel good, then there are days when I can't do anything and other times I feel like I don't feel anything,” says Eva Sajanová, paraphrasing her texts that she writes in English and Slovak. She has been playing the piano since she was a child and is currently in the graduation year at the conservatory in the field of composition. According to her own words, she has been drawn to the composition of her own pieces from the beginning. Maybe it's because she didn't always enjoy practising following the syllabus.

Music education is, however, important to both young authors. It is necessary for them to broaden their knowledge and to obtain the source of inspiration, which they then transpose into a diverse work. This has already been appreciated by Kevin Cole, the dramaturge of the legendary American radio KEXP. "I really like how voice and guitar work with dynamics and atmosphere," he praised the recently released single Banging My Head Against a Brick Wall. The band was also complimented by Michal Kaščák, the director of Pohoda festival, for whom the God and Eve concert was part of one of the strongest evenings in the new Klubtúra show on RTVS: “I am glad that I was present at the historically first God and Eve concert. It is a musical adventure full of surprises, fantastically played and sung. The recording itself is exceptional, the songs are superbly composed and arranged and have great clips. The live performance is an added bonus. For me, this has been a discovery of the recent period, and I don't just mean on our scene. God and Eve would be a discovery anywhere on Earth or on any other planet."

The debut EP The Creation was released digitally on February 26 on Slnko Records. Guitarist Marek Buranovský (Vojdi, Drť), bassist Tomáš Bateško (Vojdi) and drummer Mattia Müller collaborated on it instrumentally. It was recorded in the PULP studio with Jakub Hríbik, and Boris Sodoma from High Five Mastering took care of the mastering. God and Eve are already working on new songs and are gradually putting together a permanent line-up for live performances as soon as the situation allows. Right on the day of the release of the new EP, their participation at the following Pohoda festival was added to their concert calendar.